History of Go Girl

Go Girl, Go for IT was first run in Victoria in 2001 at Monash University. Subsequent Go Girl events have been organised by Vic ICT for Women in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 and held at Deakin University. Go Girl events were 2 day events up until 2014 when the format was changed to a single day.

Each year, the event has a patron and a theme, which tie in the current IT trends, to headline the showcase. Patrons and themes from previous events are

Year Patron Theme
2006 Jane Treadwell, Chief Information Officer at State Government of Victoria No theme
2008 Marianne Broadbent, Senior Partner at NGS Global Behind the Scenes
2010 Jacqueline Korhonen, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Infosys Australia and New Zealand IT’s Possible: Step into the Digital Age
2012 Janet Matton, Vice President of Operations at IBM Shape your World
2014 Karen Stocks, Managing Director at Twitter Australia IT is it


The 2014 event survey highlighted approximately 40% of the participants indicated that they had considered an ICT career before attending the Go Girl Go for ICT event. However, approximately 75% of respondents indicated that the event had changed their attitude towards a career in IT and a similar number found the day’s event interesting.

In an effort to continue on the momentum from a hugely successful event in 2014, Vic ICT for women created a Focus Group in 2015. This group has worked to keep schools, principals, and the ICT sector up to date with Go Girl news through quarterly newsletters, and social media channels.

The largest achievement of the Focus Group was setting up and overseeing a competition for secondary school students in Australia to come up with the 2016 event poster design, theme and twitter handle. This is the first time that school girls have been given the opportunity to decide the event theme. Jacynth Lim from Macleod College created the poster design and theme, and Georgia Smith from Inaburra School inspired the event twitter handle.

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