Zoi Petroulias

Zoi Petroulias – CBA

Go Girl Topic: Careers in Cyber Security and a Live Hacking Demonstration ( Co presenting with Martha McKeen and Renae Schilg)

I was introduced to the tech world when I was young. I initially started off with making basic websites. When I started high school, I became interested in programming and electronics. Sometimes I found it hard to follow my interests in these things as my high school wasn’t very tech-focused, therefore didn’t have many technology subjects. Finding time for my own tech projects was sometimes difficult.

My interests in tech lead me to complete a degree in computer systems engineering, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Computer systems engineering involves a mix of hardware and software. I’m currently working in IT security. As security is quite a broad area, I’ve found myself drawing on the knowledge I’ve gained through personal projects as well as my uni studies. I’ve enjoyed solving the challenges in the ever-changing world of IT security.

What is the most awesome thing about having a career in tech for you?
As technology is a a rapidly changing industry, I really enjoy being able to tinker with and learn about new technologies.

As a child, did you dream of a career in tech?
I have always been interested in technology since I was young. I enjoyed playing with electronics and programming, so I always thought that I would follow a career in tech.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done, both personally and professionally?
One of the more fun projects I’ve done was during university – we were required to make a robot that could play a game, which was similar to hockey, and compete against the robots of other teams. The robot had to drive around an arena, looking for balls of a specific colour, then shoot this balls into a goal. I found this project fun as it required a mix of both electronics and programming.

Why are you passionate about diversity in technology?
Throughout my university classes and my jobs, I have found the tech industry to be very male dominated. During high school I found there was a lack of technology subjects in areas such as programming. I feel that if girls are introduced to these areas earlier on in life through school, they will be more likely to follow a career path in tech.

What would your advice be to your 15 year old self?
To keep trying new things, and find what you really like to do. Find what you’re really passionate about and don’t give up. You should always try to find some time for your hobbies outside of school.