Katrina Park

Katrina Park – Resource Solutions Group

Go Girl Topic: Careers of the Future – The only limit is your imagination”.
– Technology today Vs. Technology of the future – what might the world look like in 2020
– The tech jobs of today (will talk about the top 10 tech/digital jobs today) Vs. Tech jobs of the future (will talk about the likely top 10 jobs in 2020)
– What skills are likely to be required for tech jobs of the future – essentially, a range of skills as the roles will be so varied!
– What are the benefits of a career in technology/digital

An IT Recruitment industry professional since 1998, Katrina has been working in the IT Recruitment field in Australia for the past 18 years. Katrina is the Managing Director of Resource Solutions Group. Established in 2004, Resource Solutions Group is a true specialist IT Talent solutions provider within Australia. Katrina and her business partner Stephen Bradford started Resource Solutions Group with the vision of being the leading strategic partner in providing IT Talent solutions to the client who is focused on high quality and attracting the industry’s very best talent to their business.
Prior to starting Resource Solutions Group, Katrina worked for a global IT Recruitment firm for 7 years.

Now in her 18th year in the Australian IT recruitment industry, Katrina is as passionate about helping clients to achieve their goals as when she first started in the industry in the late 90’s. Although the technologies and recruitment industry has changed significantly over the last 18 years, the vital ingredient which she attributes to their success hasn’t – a passion for providing clients with a service that is second to none and being willing to do the hard yards to uncover the best IT talent the industry has to offer.

What is the most awesome thing about having a career in tech for you?
I’m probably a little bit unique from a lot of the other speakers in that I work on the sidelines of tech to some extent. I’m an IT Recruiter – we help businesses attract and engage top tech talent and we help candidates (IT professionals) navigate their careers to find their dream jobs. I began my career in IT recruitment 18 years ago and have never looked back! I get to work across 2 industries that I am equally passionate about – recruitment and technology!
What I love about the tech sector is that the industry offers so many different career paths and positions – there really is something for everyone. The tech jobs that exist today didn’t exist 10 years ago and likewise the jobs of the future will be very different also. It’s an exciting industry that is constantly evolving and offers so many possibilities. It’s such a rewarding industry to work within as technology is changing the way both consumers and businesses operate – technology can innovate and disrupt and has a massive impact on the world we live in. What other industry is changing as quickly as technology?

As a child, did you dream of a career in tech?
No… I wanted to be a lawyer or a journalist. I never imagined I’d work in technology or recruitment but I have no regrets whatsoever! I get to work in an industry that is constantly evolving and challenging the status quo. The best part of my job is solving business problems and helping people achieve their goals. The great thing about the workforce today is that it’s possible for people to have many careers and work in many different jobs and industries. Gone are the days where it’s one job for life. We all depend on technology so why not work in the industry that’s driving the future?

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done, both personally and professionally?
I’d have to say starting a business (I started Resource Solutions Group with my business partner 12 years ago when we were both in our mid 20’s). It’s definitely presented It’s a big part of who I am both personally and professionally and has given

Why are you passionate about diversity in technology?
I’m extremely passionate about gender diversity within both the technology industry as well as in leadership roles. Diversity is a good thing for so many reasons – difference of styles and ideas for one. I’m committed to addressing the diversity imbalance in tech – it’s very disappointing to me that only 20% of the industry is female. Having been a recruiter within the technology sector for the past 18 years I have seen first-hand the array of opportunities that a career in IT offers and that there is a real opportunity for women to shine in this sector. The opportunities are there for the taking!

What would your advice be to your 15 year old self?
Always believe that you can make a positive difference to the world around you – one person can make a huge difference! Always aim high and believe in yourself – the sky is the limit! A positive attitude and outlook will take you a long way.