Gemma Seeto

Gemma Seeto – Loud&Clear  (co presenting with Stephanie Rondos)

Go Girl Topic: Web 101 How is a website built? What makes up a website? What tools do businesses use to enhance their exposure online?
Steph and Gemma talk through some programming languages used online, what is a CMS, how a CMS and a CRM could work together, and other digital marketing tools used within the web today. Participants will then get a hands-on experience with working with some of these tools on a live website.

Gemma is a senior digital producer with a diverse background in interactive experiences and product development. Over the past nine years she has led customer-centred projects for Nike, Libra, Australia Post, CUB and Cochlear’s bionic ears.

What is the most awesome thing about having a career in tech for you?
Knowing that what I work on today may be part of the not too distant future.

As a child, did you dream of a career in tech?
No, but my mum owned a computer business that exposed me to games, computers and tech that not many kids knew about at the time, so it was the norm for me growing up. I taught my teachers at primary school to use their first Apple Macintosh’s in class

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done, both personally and professionally?
Delivered smartphone apps for Carlton Draught and Australia Post, and working on GUIs for Cochlear’s bionic ears.

Why are you passionate about diversity in technology?
The world has never been as populated as it is today. We are about to explore a burst in tech evolution that will require all genders and cultures to inspire and contribute towards.

What would your advice be to your 15 year old self?
Get working quicker, never stop learning.