Gavin Cheetham

Gavin Cheetham – A.G. Coombs

Go Girl Topic: Produce fun Movies using iPads & Go Pros

I’ve worked in the Construction industry for 30+ years, having designed bridges, buildings, dams, and other major infrastructure. Working for over 25 companies during this time, I’ve delivered projects across the globe in places like the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Americas, and of course Australia and New Zealand. Prior to my current role, I was the Global CAD Manager for a multi-national firm, tasked to manage the CADD (Computer Aided Design & Drafting) technology environment, and had the amazing opportunity to travel the world as part of this. My current role is the National BIM/CAD Manager for A.G. Coombs, who are Australia’s leading building services provider. I manage a team of very talented people who build projects in 3D, using BIM (Building Information Modelling) processes like; robotic site setout, 3D visualisation using iPads, 3D point scanning, and 4D construction sequencing. These industry leading workflows save my company time, and provide the client with surety of outcome. No nasty surprises, and the clients get what they wanted (sometimes better!). I’m very excited of where the industry is right now, as we are transitioning through significant change. This change will have a significant impact on how we build projects into the future.

What is the most awesome thing about having a career in tech for you?

The company I work for builds amazing new major buildings like Hospitals, Science Labs, Convention Centres and Multi-level office buildings. My team of 3D modellers build these structures in the virtual world. I’m in awe everyday to witness the progression of a 3D virtual model through to a constructed building.

As a child, did you dream of a career in tech?

Yes I did. I loved playing on computers when I was teenager, and knew I would end up working on them when I got a job.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done, both personally and professionally?

Jumped into icy cold sea water in Alaska, Inside Passage. Climbing to the top of the Al Bidda tower in Doha (Qatar), while it was being built.

Why are you passionate about diversity in technology?

The industry I work in (Design & Construction) is forever changing. Embracing people from diverse backgrounds significantly increases the opportunity to discover new innovative ideas which plays a major role in driving the industry forward.

What would your advice be to your 15 year old self?

Learn to type better!