April Staines

April StainesApril Staines – NAB/Girl Geek Academy

Go Girl Topic: Female makers, 3d printing and digital fabrication

April is an Architect for Digital @ NAB and Co-Founder of Girl Geek Academy: A girl geek with passion for all facets of technology from making, digital fabrication, and application development.

April describes herself as a “Maker” and a “Geek” she has a passion to create, starting back in the in the day as a software developer and now works as an architect for Digital at NAB. Outside of her day job her passion for creating and making combines her love for geek culture (she is a massive Star Wars fan) and digital fabrication, 3d Printing, robotics and what we used to know as “craft”. April is also one of the co-founders of Girl Geek Academy, an organisation who’s aim is to help increase the number of women in tech

What is the most awesome thing about having a career in tech for you?
You get to create and make things you love (most of the time)

As a child, did you dream of a career in tech?
Not really, I wanted to be an Astronaut, does that count?

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done, both personally and professionally?
I’ve recently designed and built a custom 3D printer

Why are you passionate about diversity in technology?
Ideas and creativity are the life blood of our industry, you can only automate and mechanize so much, diversity adds to the ecosystem of creativity and drives the industry forward, it just makes sense.

What would your advice be to your 15 year old self?
Beware the dark side, and use the force